The wolfSSL / wolfCrypt libraries support asynchronous (non-blocking) crypto using hardware acceleration with the Intel QuickAssist adapter, which is a low-profile PCIe x8 (Gen 3) card that accelerates crypto operations. This allows greatly increased performance on server platforms requiring high connection rates and throughput.

Performance Benchmarks

Asynchronous Features


  1. Client and Server (SSL/TLS)

  2. Public Key infrastructure – Handshake / PKI (RSA, ECC, DH)

  3. Encryption/ Decryption

  4. Hashing / HMAC

  5. Certificate Signing and Verification


  1. PKI: RSA public/private (CRT/non-CRT), ECDSA/ECDH, DH

  2. Cipher: AES CBC/GCM, DES3

  3. Digest: MD5, SHA, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and HMAC.

  4. Hardware simulator for testing/evaluation

  5. DRBG and NRBG


The implementation is similar to epoll, which ensures that no function call will block. If a call would block waiting on hardware then `WC_PENDING_E` is returned and the hardware must be polled. For wolfSSL polling is done with either `wolfSSL_CTX_AsyncPoll` or `wolfSSL_AsyncPoll`. For wolfCrypt polling is done with `wolfAsync_EventQueuePoll` or `wolfAsync_EventPoll`.

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Did you know that wolfSSL also supports TLS 1.3?  Learn more here!

Support and Evaluation

For more information on the wolfSSL asynchronous features and using wolfSSL with Intel QuickAssist, please contact us at [email protected].


wolfSSL / wolfCrypt Async with Intel QuickAssist

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wolfCrypt FIPS Module

The CMVP has issued FIPS 140-2 Certificate #2425 for the wolfCrypt Module developed by wolfSSL Inc.

wolfSSL 3.12.0

Release 3.12.0 includes a vulnerability fix, TLS 1.3 support, Intel assembly improvements and SGX Linux support, DTLS multicast, Xilinx port, SHA3 (Keccak), and more!

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